Offset your CO2 emissions

Offset your CO2 emissions

Take an action towards a sustainable travel to WSC 2023

Taking part in WSC 2023 offers you the chance to contribute significantly to the battle against climate change by offsetting the CO2 emissions produced during your entire travel experience.

By harnessing the Thrust Carbon CO2 initiative, our user-friendly platform enables you to offset the individual carbon footprint resulting from various activities such as travel, meetings, and accommodation. Furthermore, you have the autonomy to direct your carbon offset efforts towards bolstering social and environmental situations. As an extra advantage, you will receive an official certification from Thrust Carbon, affirming your carbon-neutral status and applauding your dedication to reducing emissions.

How to offset your carbon emissions?

  • 1

    The easy-to-use platform

  • 2

    Your plans, including travel method and distance, meetings and accommodation

  • 3

    Your carbon emissions and receive offsetting suggestions

  • 4

    A carbon offsetting project and make a contribution

  • 5

    Your Thrust Carbon confirmation, certifying your carbon-neutral status

Offset Your CO2 Emissions Here
Every project undergoes verification through esteemed standards like Gold Standard, Verified Carbon Standard, Woodland Carbon Code, or American Carbon Registry.
We appreciate your proactive stance in addressing climate change. Collaboratively, we can contribute on a global scale to push the boundaries of human knowledge, all while forging a more sustainable future that benefits everyone.
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